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A Life-Changing Experience

Join the movement to provide free veterinary care and humane education worldwide!

Volunteering with Darwin Animal Doctors is a unique and unmatched experience. Our volunteers gain hands-on expertise, invaluable knowledge and skills from the field, and make a life-saving impact in the communities we operate in, both locally and abroad.

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from University of Pennsylvania

"My experience at Darwin was amazing! I saw so many interesting patients and was able to do a lot of hands-on work!"


from Glasgow, Scotland

"Make friends with the kids here! They are the best because they really care about the well-being of their animals."


from UPenn Vet School

"Volunteering here at Darwin was a great opportunity. I learned a ton - you guys will have a blast."


from The Netherlands

"I have been here for one month and I think this all is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life."

Veterinary Care

All of our clinics focus primarily on the sterilization of local dogs and cats. Our spay and neuter program provides animals with healthier, happier lives and limits the overpopulation of dogs and cats preying on local wildlife. In addition, our clinics provide life-saving surgeries and other necessary treatments that are otherwise unavailable or lacking in the regions we work in. All our veterinary volunteers are responsible for full-routine care, emergency care and a variety of surgical procedures for domesticated animals and when requested, the local wildlife.

Humane Education

Darwin Animal Doctors understands humane education is key to helping animals in the long-term. Our volunteers work together to develop a comprehensive plan and mutual understanding with the local community members in addressing the unique circumstances each region faces. Our volunteers help to educate local communities about the basic care, health, and well-being of domesticated animals including annual check-ups, spay/neuter, parasite and disease prevention, and the impact of free-roaming animals on local wildlife. Our volunteers are highly respected by the local communities in which we work and make the time to listen and offer our assistance.

Invaluable Experience

All of our volunteers will learn new, exciting ways to approach each unique situation with creativity and flexibility. Darwin Animal Doctors adapts to the regions we work in which often equates to a limited number of medications or diagnostic tests available in our clinics to learning a new language to effectively communicate with local community members. Veterinary volunteers will learn to diagnose, treat and save patients with the resources available. Humane education volunteers will learn to work alongside local community members and leaders to develop and foster a healthy, happy environment for all animals to thrive. Our volunteers are essential to our organization. Every volunteer is treated with respect and is an important part of the team.

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