DAD Global COVID-19 Campaign

All over the world, COVID-19 is changing everyone's lives. But also all over the world, our local partners are working constantly to combat the damage of COVID-19, and to stop the spread of COVID-19 as well as the spread of every other zoonotic disease. Every cent you give here will go directly to helping these brave people around the world. Help them fight the fight to save countless lives!

Now more than ever before, veterinarians are a key part of public health. They are a key part of preventing and controlling this pandemic, and they are a key part of supporting the teams working to stop this pandemic. They need your help, though, as most global government resources have gone to stopping the damage of this pandemic in human communities. But to get ahead of this and future zoonotic pandemics, and to address the crisis befalling the animals at this time, we must support veterinarians. Worldwide now, there is a new approach to public health and animal health, that bonds both into one - One Health. So DAD's partners in all these countries below will be on the front lines of caring for the animals - and humans - devastated by COVID-19.


Our amazing partner in Morocco, RAPAD-Maroc, is taking care of an incredible number of abandoned farm animals, now that people are afraid that they can catch COVID-19 from their domestic and farm animals (you actually can't). These newly abandoned sheep were attacked on the street by newly abandoned and hungry dogs. RAPAD-Maroc's new campaign "Street Shepherds" is saving all these abandoned animals, while teaching the real transmission dangers of COVID-19.


In Indonesia, our tireless wildlife rescue partner ISCP team members now wear new protective gear, from the Indonesian wildlife authority, in the wake of COVID-19. ISCP helps fight the spread of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19 by stopping the illegal wildlife market, and helps save local wildlife from wildlife trafficking. And we need their work now more than ever.


Our amazing vets in Ecuador will be giving a free webinar on April 9th about COVID-19, while campaigning to save the rescued wildlife who need help even more now in the face of this crisis!


Our amazing seamstress and wildlife plush toy maker Super Sox Shop has been making stylish face masks to donate to health care workers in the Northeast! We can all help her save lives!

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